Aaron Barry’s Acoustic Song.

Mr. Webber, of Webber Studios, and I got to record our friend Aaron Barry last week. Aaron Barry is the vocalist and guitar player of Anu Beginning. When we first met Aaron to start with this song all we had to go on in regards to pre-production was an acoustic demo version Aaron recorded himself with just vocals and guitar. When we started recording we decided early on that we were going to pimp the shit out this tune. Here’s the final result with a few days in the hands of Mr. Webber.



T-Wreck Instrumental

Fire With Fire has released an instrumental version of our debut release, Tyrannosaurus Wreck. As a band we fully understand the limitations we put on our potential listenership by having ‘screaming’ in our music but honestly, fuck those people. We love screaming in our music and we don’t plan on making our music fit to make people comfortable. Instead of changing anything about our writing process we’ve decided to release instrumental versions of tunes for the music nerds and impatient fucks who can’t stand my silly voice.

Here it is in it’s instrumental glory, T-Wreck.


Music Video – Curiosity Killed The Caveman

The boys and I, in Hello Amora, would like introduce to you our very first music video for our brand new song, Curiosity Killed The Caveman.

You can watch the video below or view it on YouTube HERE!!!
You can also listen to the song, even further below, or you can download it HERE!!!


The Dudecast Episode #1

While I was finishing up giving lessons at The Lair this afternoon, I ran into Aaron Barry (of Anu Beginning) and my new kind-of friend, Carl. They informed me that they were going to record the first episode of their podcast and asked me if I would be interested in joining their little spank session. As an avid podcast listener I couldn’t refuse. There are some very personal stories and sensitive information released in this episode, so know going in that you’re going to be getting information that no one else has yet heard.

Here’s what happened. Listen, laugh, love, and enjoy.

You can check out their official Podcast location HERE!!!


Updated Portfolio!

You can now download my entire portfolio for absolutely FREE!
Nearly every song I’ve written, played guitar, bass, or drums on.

Check it out here! (http://theendisnich.com/about/nichs-portfolio/)

Download and Enjoy!


A Silent War

Mr. Webber has done it again. Another WSO (Webber Studios Original) track ‘A Silent War‘ featuring vocalist and fellow Hello Amora brethren Troy Thurston. This is a heavy one, be careful!

Download it for free.


Choke Fights With Kites

Hello Amora just released a new song Choke Fights With Kites.

For the best possible experience press play on the Soundcloud player below and read along with the lyrics directly underneath. This song has a message that I think we can all learn from. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to download it so you can take it with you anywhere for inspiration!

Slide face first into sand boxes
This forecast, it calls for splendour
Alarm clock rains on my parade
Locked to this blue collar chain
Curfews replaced with deadlines, colleagues stand in for my friends
Grounded to evolving seniority, Like a band-aid that came off to quick
Still bleeding, still bleeding
Stop staring out the window, start climbing the fence
Stop warming up the bench, ohh ….stop staring out the window
Start climbing the fence, So reserved but, too much character for one cubicle
What are we waiting for? WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?
Underdog from swing to swing,
Hide and seek. but whom are we searching for, {but whom are we searching for}
Underdog from swing to swing,
Hide and seek. but why do we hide from ourselves
Tag you’re it…but can you catch me
Are you running for your life, or running from it
Wuh-oh-ae-oh-ohhh, Youth is a kite flying by
Woe-ay-oh-uh-oh, Carried by the tempest through the storm
Youth is a kite flying by, youth is not a fountain, youth is not a fountain,
Carried by the tempest,
Carried through the storm
Get over yourself, get over yourself, you’re missing out
Break out of your shell and play
Building blocks, the twist and the turns (The twists and the Turns)
We’re scraping our knees as we learn
We will all fall, we crawl, we roll,
We will all grow old, We will all grow old , we will all grow
The wear and the tear, the trick is the treat
Break out of your shell, break out of your seat, get over yourself
A wise mans heart stays young,
Are you running for your life, or running from it
Wuh-oh-ae-oh-ohhh, Youth is a kite flying by
Woe-ay-oh-uh-oh, Carried by the tempest through the storm
Rolling in the mud, Relax and recreate
Youth is a kite flying by, youth is not a fountain, (Youth is a Kite}
Youth is a kite flying by, youth is not a fountain,
Discourse, it’s not too late, discourse
It’s never too late, discourse

Thank you so much for listening and reading along. I really hope you enjoyed it.



My very good friend, Chris Webber of Webber Studios, has released his very first Webber Studios Original song entitled ‘Stargazing‘. Stargazing is just the very first of many songs that Chris plans on releasing, so be stoked for many more amazing tracks in the not-so-distant future. Chris not only records and produces bands in his home studio but he also writes and records his own songs, as the term ‘original‘ would suggest. Webber Studios Original songs are songs that show just how versatile and widespread Chris’ knowledge of each genre can be and at the same time showcasing amazing local vocal talent on each individual track. Stargazing, for example, features Anu Beginning‘s vocalist Aaron Barry.  I’ve had the privilege of being able to be around Webber Studios often enough to hear Stargazing from the very first recorded riff to the final product that you’re hearing today, and I couldn’t be more impressed by the writing process and attention to detail in the mixing and producing of this track. Enough talking, listen to this FREAKING SONG!!!

Be sure to download Stargazing and listen to it on your iTunes and mobile listening devices as well as share it with others! Spread great music!


Post Script - You may be familiar with Chris’ work already, as he’s the one who recorded my band Hello Amora.