Here’s a list of websites that can help aid in personal education and human development. Beyond learning to play music, the most important lessons you can master are the ones that will make you the best version of yourself. Even if learning how to play drums isn’t on your bucket-list you should take the time to explore these resources and set yourself up with the skills required to be competitive and successful in today’s world.

Please consider exploring, bookmarking, and sharing these sites.

1. The Reality Of Me –
The Reality Of Me is a website that features a 13-hour documentary with the express purpose of presenting an un-bias view of the human condition. It’s broken up into bite sized chapters so you can easily digest the information over multiple visits. Learn about Love, Death, Religion, Money, and many more subjects to help you understand the world in which you live.

2. Reddit Р 
Reddit is an online community where you can share, explore, learn, and discuss about your favourite subjects and hobbies with like-minded folk. Do you like Anime? Check out Do you like video games? Check out It’s an amazing resource not only for education but for entertainment as well.

3. YouTube –
YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world. You can find almost anything, as long as it doesn’t violate YouTube terms and conditions. Tutorials on playing music, University lectures, cute cats, sports¬†highlights, informative science videos, video blogs, independent news, documentaries, and so much more. Literally… Anything. Learn by watching.

4. Khan Academy –
Khan Academy is a website with video tutorials for students, teachers, and self-educators alike to learn for absolutely free. Interested in Biology, Math, History, Finance, or any other subject? I highly recommend checking out their site, signing up, and furthering your education today.

5. TED Talks –

6. Duolingo –

7. Story Of Stuff –

8. Udacity –

9. Coursera –