Baptized In Blood – Gutter Bound

Gutter Bound

Gutter Bound

Introduction: From the very beginning you are welcomed by a static pop and and groovy guitar riff of the opening track ‘Up Shirts Down Skirts‘ which does a very good job of setting the stage and mood of Baptized In Blood’s first full length release. A heavy hitting mix of modern heavy metal, melodic grooves, with a very strong 80’s thrash influences bleeding into the over all feel of the band’s sound as a whole. Lets get shitty with Baptized In Blood’s ‘Gutter Bound‘.

Good:Gutter Bound‘ is very well recorded. All the drums come though clear and defined and all the cymbals are never too overwhelming and the double bass it tight and smart. The low growls and high screams are very set in the back of the mix compared to the instruments, this sets a very good plane for the musical talents of the band to shine through, as there is an overload of musical talent in this group. An obvious vocal point of the band is the guitar work. Very melodic and heavy. You can really hear the musical personalities of the individuals shine though. Josh and his relentless whammy and Nick and his lighting fast tapping skills. Guitars are no doubt the shinning point in this CD. Bass is constant, in the back of the mix, but really shines though on some very smart and well placed solo moments via ‘Lightning Speed‘.

Next Stop Hollywood‘ is the new party anthem of the year. Everything about this song will make you smile. Everytime you hear it you’ll just want to raise you glass and sing along!

Blue Oyster‘ needs no explaining for it’s influence.

The last on the CD ‘Only Time Will Tell‘ is very heavy song and takes from alot of heavier styles with the use of chromatics, pinch harmonics, break downs, and less of a emphasis on melodies as the other songs.

This CD is very flexible and has a little something for fans of any metal sub-genre.

Bad: There is nothing ‘Bad’ about this CD. It is actually one of the best CD’s that have ever graced my ears, but for the sake of having a little bit of criticism I have a few nit picks. Firstly the gang vocals are very inconsistent, in ‘Down And Out‘ they are a little to loud for my taste and in ‘Blue Oyster‘ you care barely make out what they are saying.

Some of the vocals seem inconsistent (I know Johl grabs the mic like he does live when recording) but sometimes this can lead to a long scream dropping out a little sooner then I would like.

Again, Nothing ‘Bad’, but if you listen REALLY hard you’ll find them.

There are some ‘Old’ songs on this CD, songs that were on their 4 song EP, 2 of them made it over onto the new full length re-writen and re-recorded. It would be nice to have a CD with all new material, but no doubt the next release will more then please.

Conclusion: A very awesome and welcome change to the music and especially the metal I have been listening to lately. Baptized In Blood even competes with the big boys in my music library, and beats most of them out. Give these boys some time and nothing will be able to stop them. They are not iTunes at the moment, but you can pick up their CD via Evelmerch ( Pick it up and enjoy the new sound of heavy metal. This is a must buy!

Baptized In Blood’s ‘Gutter Bound’ get 5 shots of Jager out of 5.

-Nich Longe

August 28th, 2009


Avenged Sevenfold RAVE

Avenged Sevenfold.

I just wanted to take the time, again, to inform all you lovelies out there about a CD that could possibly change your life as much as it has changed mine. This CD is the newest, and also Self-Titled, album by Avenged Sevenfold.

This CD has ALOT going for it, but first before you stop reading this I just want to say something. I HATE Avenged Sevenfold’s other albums. Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet, Waking the Fallen, and most of City of Evil. Never was a huge fan of them at all. Jordan Litt knows how much I hated these guys. I still think those CD’s are terrible to this day. I know you might have not liked them just as much as I did, but give this CD a chance. You’ll be happy you did. Now let’s continue…

(Sorry about the last paragraph… Lots of A7X haters out there)

It’s really hard to describe this album as it is so flexible and diverse that it’s really hard to classify it as one genre. One thing is for sure, they are a metal band. So almost all of the songs are driven by loud, crunching, and distorted guitars. Crazy lead guitar riffs litter every song and really show off the talents behind their instruments. That’s pretty much where it ends. From then on it depends on which song you decide to listen to… Which song you choose will determine what kind of song experience you will have.

All songs have their own personality. Example…

Almost Easy – Heaviest song on the album with balls to the wall metal from start to finish. It bleeds attitude.

Dear God – A catchy old school country tune. When I say country, I mean it!

A Little Piece Of Heaven – Orchestral epic. 8 minutes of disturbing horns, woodwinds, pipes, and cringe worthy lyrics.

I will leave it there. I know it’s an bit of an extreme cliff hanger… But this CD needs to be heard to be understood.

Get it and enjoy the 10 track master piece by Avenged Sevenfold.