RANT: Local Comic Shop

Note: So I told myself I wouldn’t do this but I’ve decided that with my crazy work schedule and crazy life in general that I would start to post some more intimate, more ‘Bloggy’, posts. Here’s one that I just wrote on my facebook page. Enjoy the new content.

Lately I’ve found myself running around the local comic shop “Heroes Cards and Comics”. I’ve recently been introduced into the lovely world of comics by my wonderfully awesome girlfriend Stephanee. I’m now a full on addict.

I have some really good favourites like Conan The Barbarian, The Walking Dead, Nothlanders, Star Wars and many more. I have picked up on alot of series’ that Stephy has already taken the time to purchase but now I’m looking to start a collection of my own favourites. I go to “Heroes” at least twice a week minimum. Each time walking out with about at least $20 in material. Some days like yesterday, $100 worth of material.

Now here’s my rant…

I may be a new customer, but I am your customer. When I kindly ask you to order over $100 of comics for me to buy I expect you to see dollar signs your eyes and do everything in your power to get those comics to me on a timely basis. I know that you need to wait for delivery dates and such, aswell as other circumstances may arise, but I will understand. What I do not understand is how “Heroes” still doesn’t, for example, have more Conan TPB (Trade Paper Back) graphic novels restocked. The series is an eight part (I don’t know…) and I have been waiting for number two for about two months now. I’m no rocket scientist but if I owned a shop and I had numbers one through eight and one through five sold, I should get some more one through fives and think about ordering another round of six, seven, and eight because they might get sold soon enough. but no. Only three, five, and seven remain… for the last TWO weeks. Unacceptable. This is JUST Conan. The same problem remains with almost every single series I’ve purchased. Waiting on ‘Heroes’ to order them in.

I hope someone who reads this knows someone who works at ‘Heroes’ so you can direct them to this and hopefully they can get their shit together. I make good enough money that I can spend it on things that take me out of real life and for about two hours of the day I can become Conan, or I can be surviving a zombie apocalypse. When I want to enjoy myself the last thing I need is people’s lack of common knowledge keeping me from enjoying my life outside of work. If you don’t want your job, I’ll take it. I love comics and I know what kind of impact, no matter how small or big, can have on peoples lives. I know I may not know the ‘Ins-and-outs’ as well as you but I’ll be more then willing to listen and learn. I know I can do your job better then you at this moment. You just need to listen.

As far as it stands now you, ‘Heroes’, is on it’s last legs with me. I can easily now-a-days order the same comics online for LESS then your selling them. I buy them from you because I like supporting the locals and what you stand for. Now stand up for us and do your fucking job.


-Nich Longe


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