Comic Shop RANT (Update)

So this is a little update to another post I wrote a little while ago about a local comic shop here in London Ontario called ‘Heroes’. You can read my first post here (

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to the local comic shop (Heroes)to look for a few titles that I kindly asked the owner of the store to order in for me. Those titles would be; The Sword TPB #1, Conan TPB #2, and Star Wars KOTOR #2. When I asked him about the lack of availability of the comics he was selling, he seemed very irritated. I’m no idiot, I can tell when someone just wants to get out a conversation they have no intention of being in. He did not want to talk to me. So I didn’t pressure him and was very kind in letting him know I have been waiting two months for him to order in one comic. He told me everything I was looking for should be in next week.

Now here we are, me and my wonderful girlfriend walking past all the downtown sketch-bags and wiggers to go pick-up some promised reading material. Get inside, walk straight to the Dark Horse/ Image stand to find that NOTHING that I had asked to get ordered was ordered. Now that was a huge slap to the face for me. I totally respect what ‘Heroes‘ is trying to do, but don’t bullshit me to my face. If you wont get them in soon, just tell me so. Don’t make yourself look like a complete ass-hat. I’m a very understanding and patient guy. Tell me that you have to make a minimum order and you wont be able to get it for another three weeks. If that’s the case, TELL ME!

This brings me to last night. I decided to take matters into my own hands and order all the comics that I need by other means other then ‘Heroes‘. So I visited my new best friends at ‘‘. Here’s the kicker, Not only do they ship for free, but every single comic book they sell is HALFPRICE… I look over at my bookcase and see ‘Locke & Key #1‘ Hardcover, for example, that Steph paid $35 for. I search it on,$16… Now I look and see about forty comic books in total that we have spent about $900 on at ‘Heroes‘ , that would have only cost us $450 at

Not only do I get the comic books I want, when I want them, but I save 50% by NOT going to ‘Heroes‘. I will still go to ‘Heroes‘ to pick up my monthly issues, but I am never buying another comic book from ‘Heroes‘ ever again. I rally all of you, readers, to do the same. I will not let the lack of care, or love for the hobby by another person stop me from enjoying my comic books. There are millions of stories and experiences to be had with comics, and even more readers out there looking and trying to find their next favourite. This lack of care or lack of any trace of passion for comics pushes me beyond my limits. I am trying my hardest to sound as calm and as professional as I possibly can, but this is honestly the most personally insulting thing that has happened to me in a long time.

The only thing I can conclude from this is speak with your wallet. I am. I just made a $100 order on that would have cost me $225 at ‘Heroes‘. That’s $225 they will never see from me, and possibly thousands more in the future, all because of one man. You are an independent business, you cannot afford to loose business like this. I want everyone who shops at ‘Heroes‘ and reads this to do the same. STOP! From now on save yourself time and money. Order from If you cannot, ask myself, I will help order the books for you. We are the readers and consumers. We have a choice. You have a choice. Let them know you wont be treated any less then the best. You, and I, deserve it.

Nich Longe

October 4th, 2009.


1 thought on “Comic Shop RANT (Update)

  1. I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. Kind regards from france

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