The Lakeside Is For Killers Album Artwork

                              You all have asked for it, so here she is. The cover art of The Lakeside Is For Killers’ CD “Dead In The West”.   Enjoy, and listen responsibly,   -Nich Longe November 17th, 2009 Advertisements

Despised Icon – Day Of Mourning

Introduction: Despised Icon is a Death Metal band reigning from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. With an emphasis on blistering fast drums and quick guitar riffs, mixed with traditional style break downs. Despised Icon brings a unique and great combination of death metal styles and progression to the table with this ten track beauty, ‘Day Of Mourning‘. … Continue reading Despised Icon – Day Of Mourning

Haunt #1

Image Comics; Haunt #1 : McFarlane, Kirkman, Ottley, Capullo Introduction: Haunt is the new baby of Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and writer of the astounding The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman. Together with the talents of both Ottley, doing pencil work, and Capullo, in charge of layouts, they are looking to introducing a new Image Comics staple … Continue reading Haunt #1