Haunt #1

Haunt #1Image Comics; Haunt #1 : McFarlane, Kirkman, Ottley, Capullo

Introduction: Haunt is the new baby of Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and writer of the astounding The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman. Together with the talents of both Ottley, doing pencil work, and Capullo, in charge of layouts, they are looking to introducing a new Image Comics staple character, Haunt. This tells the story of two brothers and their very different life choices. Join me as we drive into the story of Haunt.

(Note: There are no spoilers in this review. Some story references may be very vague, it’s for your own future enjoyment. Trust me!)

Good: The first thing that caught my attention is the beautiful art team on this issue. Very fine line work, great colour, and very dark tones. You really get a feeling like it is a believable setting and story. Speaking of story, the legendary Robert Kirkman makes the story and plot points in this first issue in the Haunt series stand out and be unique. Even in the over saturated super/anit-hero comics these days, it still stands out as its own. This issue has some of the best “Holy Sh–!” moments I’ve read recently. There is alot to like about this first thirty-two page floppy, I mean ALOT, but I feel that if I were to spoil anything for you it would not be doing the comic justice.

Bad: There are very few things to point out in this comic that would constitute as “Bad“, but one scene in particular I found very confusing. So confusing, in-fact, I had four other people read the two page panel and everyone had to read it over at least three times over to understand what had happened. Unfortunately I cannot tell you what happens without revealing a major plot point. When you read it you will know exactly what I mean.

Conclusion: For three dollars you can’t get much better then this. Great art, great story, and a fresh concept. I HIGHLY recommend picking this up during your next visit at your local comic shop, just in time for the halloween season aswell! I loved the guts out of this issue, and I am for sure on board for the next issue of the wonderful Haunt series.

This is a MUST BUY


-Nich Longe

October 31st, 2009


1 thought on “Haunt #1

  1. Steph

    I can agree with most of what your saying here, however I think you are forgetting one major bad point that was brought to my attention by someone else. This story, some people consider it a recycled approach to the spawn series. This is not surprising considering the creator. However, never following the Spawn series, I’ll never know. But this is a reason a lot of people are reluctant to get it. That being said, I still think even Spawn lovers will be pleasantly surprised by what they find within the pages.

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