Family Game Night

Family Game Night
Family Game Night

Introduction: This game is a fun collection of some of Hasbro’s most classic board and dice games to date. Including Battleship, Boggle, Connect 4, Sorry, Sorry Sliders, Scrabble, and Yahtzee. This fun collection of games is a nice package for gamers and non-gamers of all ages to enjoy. Joined along side with Mr. Potatohead, Family Game Night looks to make your gaming console the life of the party.

Good: The most appealing part of this is that if you only like one of the games offered in the packaged game, you can always purchase as many or little as you wish online as separate transactions. This game is a complete blast to play with family and friends. With online support, even if you can’t gather a group of friends inside your living room, you can still have fun with the online community.

Not only do you have the standard play type of each game, but each game has it’s own set of special rules that can be tweaked to your exact preference. Want to add wild dice in Yahtzee? Or maybe add rotating letters in Boggle? The customizable options are a fun and exciting twist to add to your normal game.

Bad: The only complaint I have is that the game could have a better presentation. Being based on game boards and dice rolling. You would think more time and effort would go into making better menus, alternate board skins, or even more unlockables. Hopefully they implement some of the examples in the next game released.

Conclusion: Family Game Night is very fun filled night out in casual gaming. It really does a great job of recreating the classic board game experience on the big screen. I would recommend this game to everyone. Even if you’re not too sure,download the trial versions of each game and buy the ones you and your family will enjoy the most.

Family Game Night gets 4 made up Boggle words out of 5.

-Nich Longe

January 2nd, 2010


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