Games on a Mac?!

Own a Mac? Tired of not playing games? Now the biggest online distributor of games, Steam, now has released their platform for all Intel processor Mac computers. And that’s not the only awesome news coming from Steam, they’re also letting you download the amazing Portal (Winner of over 70 game awards) for free until May 22nd. So go on and click this LINK to get transported to Cake… Maybe…

-Nich Longe


New Zombie Liquorice Tee

Brand new Tee from Zombie Liquorice takes place in my favourite place… SPACE!!! The Tee, “No One Can Hear You Scream”, it looks beautiful and I’m going to be picking it up. Check out the link HERE and let me know what you think!

-Nich Longe

Broken Ass Shoes

Think it’s time for some new shoes yet? Barely four months later and I already have to replace them. God damn…