The Lakeside Is For Killers is now on YouTube

Dead, In The West

After being asked by countless scores of my friends how they can listen to The Lakeside Is For Killer’s CD ‘Dead, In The West’ without having to visit Myspace, I finally got down to business and learned how to video/audio edit and created the perfect solution. I made high quality 1080p video and 320kbps audio files that I uploaded to YouTube. These videos contain minimally compressed audio (You have to set video quality to 1080p) of all of our original recordings, album artwork, complete lyrics sheet for all songs, a link to the iTunes Store if you’d like to have the complete CD with the highest quality audio available, as well as in a playlist so you can listen to the whole CD from start to finish.

Eventually I would like to have to have a ‘Download’ section where you can all be able to download the high quality audio songs for completely free, but until then YouTube is the best possible experience I can provide you so you don’t have to visit Myspace and listen to TLIFK compressed to oblivion. Hopefully you guys enjoy listening to the songs as much as I do and don’t be shy to show a friend who might enjoy it as well!


Much love,



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