New Snares Arrived In Today!

After a couple of months of waiting my new snares finally arrived. Now the two kits have all the drums needed for two actual drum sets. Everything sounds great and now I just need to add a few cymbals and stands then we’ll have all the parts needed to make some seriously fun noises!


1 thought on “New Snares Arrived In Today!

  1. Todd Ginolfi

    Drum sets aren’t cheap, either. A new drum set can run anywhere from a couple of hundred to nearly a thousand dollars, depending on the drum set you choose. Drum lessons, as well, are not cheap. Playing the drums isn’t about pounding. Drums are a musical instrument that requires rhythm, a sense of timing, a sense of volume, control, and of course the ability to make music from a single sound. Most drummers start of with just a drum pad, a simple piece of drumming equipment that allows the drummer to develop rhythm without being distracted by the actual drum.^

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