The Beginning

After spending most of my day today cleaning and organizing the practice space, I can tell you that everything’s ready. I’m good to start inviting people over to start playing this week!. I can’t wait to jam!




Goodbye Sky Harbour Shot A Music Video!

Goodbye Sky Harbour got to do a music video shoot for the tune ‘Miles’. We got to load up all of the gear in the van and travel to Rattlesnake Point, a high altitude densely forest covered area, where we got to set up two performance shots which included a in-the-middle-of-the-road sunset performance  as well as a forested sunrise performance. We also got about 4-5 different candid shots of us sitting by a camp fire joking around and us walking around goofing about.

The sunrise performance set-up. 5am never looked so orange. 😉

Colleen rocking her AC/DC beats. Also an addition to the over abundance of orange in the band, Colleen’s hair.

The video is estimated to be completed sometime mid October. Follow me on Facebook ( or check back in here for more behind the scenes. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the song itself, check it out right here!


Full-time Project: Goodbye Sky Harbour

Most of my focus lately has been put into playing, practicing, and writing with a group of amazingly talented people (Johnny, Colleen, Adrian, and Adam) playing Pop-Punk tunes. The group is called ‘Goodbye Sky Harbour’. You can check out the songs and keep updated with us by visiting our Facebook page ( I’m currently filling in for their old drummer, Zach, but I’m pretty involved with the entire band process. We’re in the throws of writing three songs to record in October and I’m so excited for you guys to hear what we’ve come up with. I’ll be updating again tonight/tomorrow when we get all the band gear set-up in the new Jammer. until next time.