It Was The Sharks – Garageband Demo

I’ve been recording a song for the past week entitled It Was The Sharks. This project was very interesting from the very beginning. It had me using the program Garageband, standard on all Mac computers and available on all iOS devices, for my very first time. As well it’s the first song I’ve written and recorded on my own. It was a very fun self experiment to take part in and I think it came together quite well. There are still a bunch of obvious errors and fixes needed, but I’m honestly too impatient and would rather record at Webber Studios instead of working on it for another week. So this is a good example of what one can do on their first use of Garageband. If you too own a Mac computer and have an interest in recording your ideas, I highly recommend you take the time to do so. It’s easy, fast, and the end result is convincing. Here it is… It Was The Sharks (Garageband Version).

Enjoy! (Try not to cringe too hard. A better version will be coming shortly.)



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Thank you and ENJOY!!!


Still Alive

After over two years of being on hiatus The Lakeside Is For Killers is back writing new songs, playing new shows, and spreading the dirty love. Our debut show on February 9th with Dancing With Paris, Lifestory: Monologue, Bare Bones, and A Sight For Sewn Eyes went outstandingly well. Every band that played that night had me taking a bite of a big ol’ breeze burger (My mouth was open in amazement the entire time). If you haven’t heard of any of those bands, I highly recommend you check them all out. All amazing people writing amazing music. Our set that night went over very smooth, we played all the new songs tightly, people were singing along to the old songs, and we even had a handful of people come up on stage for our last song of night and sing along beside us. I couldn’t be more proud of my brothers for putting on a great show, especially Lee who hasn’t been on stage in five years. Welcome back, my friend. I’m happy to be doing it along side you.

If you live in London Ontario and didn’t get a chance to check out the show, don’t kick yourself in the ass just yet. We have a brand new show coming up on March 3rd at The Music Hall Lounge with Sights And Sounds, Lifestory: Monologue, and Gracefield. You can check out all the details on Facebook HERE! The last show was an amazing time, but this show is going to be even bigger! Don’t miss out!