Right For Me

The boys in Brighter Brightest just released their video for the song ‘Right For Me‘ from their full-length that shares the same name. Both the song and the video bleed passion and honesty about who they all are and what they all do. I highly recommend you check it out right now and be inspired to do what’s right for YOU!

My relationship with these guys goes back to 2009 when my old band The Lakeside Is For Killers got into contact with Derek (lead vocals and guitar of  BB) about recording our C.D. after hearing the amazing work he did on an amazing local band, To Cherish. Once we started recording and spending time with Derek, we all found out just how talented, driven, and genuine he really was. At a ripe age of only 21 he was self-employed recording bands, proficient at every instrument, had a voice of an angel, and was in a notable and touring band; among other amazing life achievements. Derek is no joke. During and after the recording our C.D. ‘Dead In The West‘ we got to sit in on some Brighter Brightest band practices and met the other band mates (Ryan on drums, Kyle on guitar, and Alex on the Bass) as well as be present for some serious band meetings and conversations that definitely helped shape my personal view on music and what it means to be in a band. Since those days we’ve crossed paths playing shows together, watching them play in my city of London Ontario, and watching them online through Twitter and Facebook. One stand out moment that really got me excited for Right For Me that not everyone would understand was when they announced they’ve gotten to travel to the United States to record with my dream recording engineer and producer Machine. Machine was a part of many of my favourite C.D.’s from a handful of my favourite bands. The stand out release above all others was Lamb Of God’s ‘Ashes Of The Wake‘ which inspired me to get behind the kit and practice like I never have before  in an attempt to make myself a better musician in hopes of one day being able to play a show alongside Chris Adler. That C.D. was responsible for everything that’s happen to this day. The combination of the amazing and talented men in Brighter Brightest working hand-in-hand with the one and only Machine made my nerd brain melt.
And now here we are today. The CD ‘Right For Me‘ is out. The music video for the song ‘Right For Me‘ is out. I’m not the least bit surprised at the result. You can bet your asses that I’ll never forget any of this and that this CD will remain with me for many years to come. From the bottom of my heart… Thank You, Brighter Brightest.




Here’s a song that I got to do with my good friends; Goodbye Sky Harbour guitarist, Johnny McMahon, as well as We Are Bravest front man, Jourdan Horban. Johnny approached me with an acoustic demo of this tune back in March and asked me if I could conjure up something interesting and record it at Sundown Studios with him and of course I said, ‘Friggin eh, I will!’.

Sundown Studios is the best place I’ve ever been to record drums. Not because the experience is easy but because it’s so fucking HARD! Jordan V (owner and operator of Sundown) is a stickler for a tight performance and he’s always pushing me to be prepared and to be able to play new and difficult parts on the fly. It’s that whole, ‘Keeping you on your toes!‘ mindset that I just love in high pressure recording situations.

The first version of the song I was given, like I said, was an acoustic demo which meant I had to sit down and really think hard about the parts I wanted to play. When ever you write drums to an already structurally established song it’s important to listen to it over at least 10 times before you even think about what you want to do with it. Pay attention to how the song makes you feel and how your body moves to the song as a passive listener. As a drummer, I believe it’s my job to articulate those subconscious feelings within the song and help you connect the dots by making it easier to lose yourself in the music. We’ll try something a little different and kind of fun; I’ll briefly run you through the thought process of how I came up with each part for the song.
The intro/chorus is self explanatory; Upbeat and happy with volume articulation from switching between the hi-hat and crash to accentuate the end of a phrase. Also notice the double snare roll before the switch. Fun stuff!
The first verse is all about fun. This was a little bit of metal meets punk. You have to pump up the idea of the ‘new part’ so I really thought about it and what really stood out to me was the feeling of attending a metal show, like it should inspire people to be clapping along. So by having the part bare with just kick and flam snares it really opens up and your ears go straight to the snare. The tom fill is just a tasteful way to have an excuse to do a one-handed fill. Turned out great and it’s so fun to play!
Pre-chorus is highlighting the guitar part and leaving lots of room for the vocals to shine through and you already know the story behind the Chorus, so let’s get to….
The second verse was all about dropping that clapping feeling and put the song into 5th gear. Throughout the the second verse it gets more intense as the song goes along until the second pre-chorus.
The second pre chorus I wanted to keep mostly the same so you knew how to feel except for the addition of a nice little triple-it fill to change things up just a bit and a nice big tom hit right before we go back into the chorus!
This time the chorus has changed. I mix up the hi-hat and cymbal hits as well as adding a fast roll half way through to add some closure. At the end of this chorus I also add a floor tom/snare four hit pump into the bridge which doesn’t leave any room for any awkward transitions. It seems pretty seamless to me.
The bridge is all about keeping the pace so I keep the constant driving playing but I crash on my ride to give it a huge full sound. It gives that part in the song a fullness that the rest of the song doesn’t have. Also a fast snare/tom fill which is always fun to play. The next part of the bridge is just accenting the chats and leaving lots of room to inspire you so sing along. When we recorded this part they somehow got me in there singing. So if you listen VERY carefully you’ll be able to hear my derpy voice. Half way through the chants I start a pump up part which consists of a constant kick beat along with hi-hats to get you pumped up for that last chorus to close out the song!
This is the last Chorus and it’s just an accumulation of all the good parts put into one. Listen to it and you’ll understand. The last part of the song is huge a huge RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT to give it a powerful close.
My brain officially hurts from writing all this down. If you took the time to read this I hope you learned a little something and can use it when you write your next song.
Give the song a listen and and let me know what you think!




Hey everybody!

I’ve been practicing with a band called Win Chelsea for the past month and I wanted to fill you in on a few exciting details. Win Chelsea is an acoustic duo consisting of Evan Clapp rocking the main vocal duties and Charlie Weber jamming the guitar and singing back-ups. They asked me if I would be like to help and play some drums for their EP Release Show that’s coming up on July 7th. My initial reaction was, “But aren’t you an acoustic act?“. That’s when I was informed that they were plan on forming a full band together to play at this wonderful show and be able to present a side of the band that the fans haven’t seen before. The songs are well written and require little effort to make them into decent rock songs. The translation is seamless.

They’ve posted a lyric video of the song ‘Spark‘ off their upcoming EP that I got write my very own drum parts for. I’m excited to play and show you all what I’ve been able to come up with. Additionally we’ll be doing one cover in our set. Not only do I get to write and perform my very own drum parts to sweet pop-punk songs but I also get to play ‘I Miss You‘ by Blink 182. Travis Barker is one of the biggest influences I had as a musician and I’m glad I get to finally perform a Blink song in a live setting. Not only did I learn value of stage presence from Mr. Barker but also the importance of keeping it simple and waiting for the perfect time to showcase the ‘skillz‘. I couldn’t be more stoked for a project coming together for one glorious event.

Check out Win Chelsea, Learn the songs, See you on July 7th!

<excited squeal>



My very good friend, Chris Webber of Webber Studios, has released his very first Webber Studios Original song entitled ‘Stargazing‘. Stargazing is just the very first of many songs that Chris plans on releasing, so be stoked for many more amazing tracks in the not-so-distant future. Chris not only records and produces bands in his home studio but he also writes and records his own songs, as the term ‘original‘ would suggest. Webber Studios Original songs are songs that show just how versatile and widespread Chris’ knowledge of each genre can be and at the same time showcasing amazing local vocal talent on each individual track. Stargazing, for example, features Anu Beginning‘s vocalist Aaron Barry.  I’ve had the privilege of being able to be around Webber Studios often enough to hear Stargazing from the very first recorded riff to the final product that you’re hearing today, and I couldn’t be more impressed by the writing process and attention to detail in the mixing and producing of this track. Enough talking, listen to this FREAKING SONG!!!

Be sure to download Stargazing and listen to it on your iTunes and mobile listening devices as well as share it with others! Spread great music!


Post Script – You may be familiar with Chris’ work already, as he’s the one who recorded my band Hello Amora.

Lovely Day For A Guinness, Indeed!

Bonjour mon ami!

The weather here in London Ontario has been absolutely fantastic lately. For the usual individual that would mean lots of time spent outside in the sun or going on road trips to the beach, but for the likes of the Longe family that means extra hours spent indoors hiding from the sun in air conditioned studios writing high energy metal riffs.

This new song I’m sharing with you was written and recorded by my brother, Troy Longe, and I couldn’t be more proud. What I love most about the music my brother writes is his ability to balance technicality and fun. I find that the majority of advanced guitar players are drawn into complexity with odd time signatures and intricate patterns that, more often then not, take away from the fun of just being able to head bang and throw up some horns \m/.

With driving drums, fast riffing, a delicious solo, a breakdown that will undoubtedly make you move your body in some way… I present to you “Lovely Day For A Guinness”.


New The Lakeside Is For Killers Song!

Remember those new The Lakeside Is For Killers songs I promised? Well here’s one of them. I may no longer be in the band but it’s still me playing the drums and making music with my favourite people in the world. This song, ‘Papa Bull, Son Bull‘ was a song we wrote back in 2010. There’s been a few revisions, but the song has largely remained the same. It’s a cool transitional song to help bridge TLIFK old style and a bit of new writing style.

So here you are. Enjoy! Let me know what you think!


The Lakeside Is For Lovers… A Farewell

Salutations, my friends!

Nich reporting in! I’m here to give you some news that may accidentally feel like a heaping steamer on your awesome day… I’m no longer playing drums for The Lakeside Is For Killers.

There’s probably a few questions going through your head right now that include the words Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. I’m not really going to answer any of these <trollface.jpeg>, but I’ll try to give you as much information as possible.

I’ve been playing with The Lakeside Is For Killers since the very beginning in 2008. From day 1 the best way to describe our music in one word would be “Different”, I think as fans you can all agree. It’s always taken me a lot of practice and hard work to be able to play even the most basic Lakeside tune. All of you who’ve been able to see us play live have witnessed this hard work in person. I’ve always given my all in making these songs the best I could. I hope you all enjoyed hearing them (and hope you continue to do so) and watching me play them for you.

“But WHY aren’t you playing with Lakeside anymore?” you ask, interrupting my train of thought. If I had to describe the decision as if it were a recipe, it would look as follows:

2 cups – Writing differences/difficulties

1 cup – Other musical projects

1/2 cup – Availability

2 tbsp – Financial

and a pinch of salt.

I love Bobby, Brett, Lee, and Matty very VERY much and nothing could ever change that. We will continue to be friends, drink beers, and smoke bowls until the end of days. Not being in Lakeside is going to be a huge adjustment for me but for the band to move forward they must continue on without me beating the tins and skins. Their next step with their next drummer is going to be even better than you could imagine. I promise! I hope you all understand. I can tell you, however, that you still have two more songs to look forward to gracing your ear holes. One of them is ready right now for your listening pleasure. Check it out HERE! So be stoked on these dudes. They’re doing genuinely amazing things and I hope you’re all planning on staying around for the next step. I know I am!

The most genuine thank you I’ve ever given in my life,