The Lakeside Is For Lovers… A Farewell

Salutations, my friends!

Nich reporting in! I’m here to give you some news that may accidentally feel like a heaping steamer on your awesome day… I’m no longer playing drums for The Lakeside Is For Killers.

There’s probably a few questions going through your head right now that include the words Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. I’m not really going to answer any of these <trollface.jpeg>, but I’ll try to give you as much information as possible.

I’ve been playing with The Lakeside Is For Killers since the very beginning in 2008. From day 1 the best way to describe our music in one word would be “Different”, I think as fans you can all agree. It’s always taken me a lot of practice and hard work to be able to play even the most basic Lakeside tune. All of you who’ve been able to see us play live have witnessed this hard work in person. I’ve always given my all in making these songs the best I could. I hope you all enjoyed hearing them (and hope you continue to do so) and watching me play them for you.

“But WHY aren’t you playing with Lakeside anymore?” you ask, interrupting my train of thought. If I had to describe the decision as if it were a recipe, it would look as follows:

2 cups – Writing differences/difficulties

1 cup – Other musical projects

1/2 cup – Availability

2 tbsp – Financial

and a pinch of salt.

I love Bobby, Brett, Lee, and Matty very VERY much and nothing could ever change that. We will continue to be friends, drink beers, and smoke bowls until the end of days. Not being in Lakeside is going to be a huge adjustment for me but for the band to move forward they must continue on without me beating the tins and skins. Their next step with their next drummer is going to be even better than you could imagine. I promise! I hope you all understand. I can tell you, however, that you still have two more songs to look forward to gracing your ear holes. One of them is ready right now for your listening pleasure. Check it out HERE! So be stoked on these dudes. They’re doing genuinely amazing things and I hope you’re all planning on staying around for the next step. I know I am!

The most genuine thank you I’ve ever given in my life,



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