Hey everybody!

I’ve been practicing with a band called Win Chelsea for the past month and I wanted to fill you in on a few exciting details. Win Chelsea is an acoustic duo consisting of Evan Clapp rocking the main vocal duties and Charlie Weber jamming the guitar and singing back-ups. They asked me if I would be like to help and play some drums for their EP Release Show that’s coming up on July 7th. My initial reaction was, “But aren’t you an acoustic act?“. That’s when I was informed that they were plan on forming a full band together to play at this wonderful show and be able to present a side of the band that the fans haven’t seen before. The songs are well written and require little effort to make them into decent rock songs. The translation is seamless.

They’ve posted a lyric video of the song ‘Spark‘ off their upcoming EP that I got write my very own drum parts for. I’m excited to play and show you all what I’ve been able to come up with. Additionally we’ll be doing one cover in our set. Not only do I get to write and perform my very own drum parts to sweet pop-punk songs but I also get to play ‘I Miss You‘ by Blink 182. Travis Barker is one of the biggest influences I had as a musician and I’m glad I get to finally perform a Blink song in a live setting. Not only did I learn value of stage presence from Mr. Barker but also the importance of keeping it simple and waiting for the perfect time to showcase the ‘skillz‘. I couldn’t be more stoked for a project coming together for one glorious event.

Check out Win Chelsea, Learn the songs, See you on July 7th!

<excited squeal>



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