Right For Me

The boys in Brighter Brightest just released their video for the song ‘Right For Me‘ from their full-length that shares the same name. Both the song and the video bleed passion and honesty about who they all are and what they all do. I highly recommend you check it out right now and be inspired to do what’s right for YOU!

My relationship with these guys goes back to 2009 when my old band The Lakeside Is For Killers got into contact with Derek (lead vocals and guitar of  BB) about recording our C.D. after hearing the amazing work he did on an amazing local band, To Cherish. Once we started recording and spending time with Derek, we all found out just how talented, driven, and genuine he really was. At a ripe age of only 21 he was self-employed recording bands, proficient at every instrument, had a voice of an angel, and was in a notable and touring band; among other amazing life achievements. Derek is no joke. During and after the recording our C.D. ‘Dead In The West‘ we got to sit in on some Brighter Brightest band practices and met the other band mates (Ryan on drums, Kyle on guitar, and Alex on the Bass) as well as be present for some serious band meetings and conversations that definitely helped shape my personal view on music and what it means to be in a band. Since those days we’ve crossed paths playing shows together, watching them play in my city of London Ontario, and watching them online through Twitter and Facebook. One stand out moment that really got me excited for Right For Me that not everyone would understand was when they announced they’ve gotten to travel to the United States to record with my dream recording engineer and producer Machine. Machine was a part of many of my favourite C.D.’s from a handful of my favourite bands. The stand out release above all others was Lamb Of God’s ‘Ashes Of The Wake‘ which inspired me to get behind the kit and practice like I never have before  in an attempt to make myself a better musician in hopes of one day being able to play a show alongside Chris Adler. That C.D. was responsible for everything that’s happen to this day. The combination of the amazing and talented men in Brighter Brightest working hand-in-hand with the one and only Machine made my nerd brain melt.
And now here we are today. The CD ‘Right For Me‘ is out. The music video for the song ‘Right For Me‘ is out. I’m not the least bit surprised at the result. You can bet your asses that I’ll never forget any of this and that this CD will remain with me for many years to come. From the bottom of my heart… Thank You, Brighter Brightest.



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