Away Like This. A Blast From The Past.

One summer day in 2007 while lazing around at home, my brother and I were listening to new songs that our friend, Steve, was showing us he was working on with his band ‘When We Get There‘ back in our hometown of Kenora. The songs were good songs but there was a song in particular where a few arrangement issues that we noticed that, if addressed, could push the song into potentially great territory. That song was Away Like This. We ran the idea by Steve to see if he would be okay if we learned and re-recorded the song ourselves to fool around with it, and he gave us the big ol’ thumbs up!

Fresh off of recording our 3 song EP with our Dad, Warren, for Acid Reign we obviously still had the recording bug and approached him to see if he would be down to help us with this little project. We listened to Away Like This with him and explained what we were hearing and what we wanted to do and he turned out to be even more into it than we were. We sat and figured out the basic structure of what we wanted to do on acoustic guitar and lap-tapping (drumming on your legs) and we began the new step of moving it into the studio. Once in the studio it was a natural process of just fleshing out each part and making the song flow as naturally as possible. Changing the verses, adding a catching bass-line, adding a 7-string to the chorus to give it that BEEF we wanted, and fitting all the parts seamlessly together. Hard work payed off. Take a listen for yourself!

Check out the original artist When We Get There here:

Watch the making of the cover with vocals here:

Listen to the recorded instrumental version of the cover here:

Thank you so much for taking a trip back in time with me! See you next time!



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