Hello Amora Music Video Shoot – Day #1

My boys and I, in Hello Amora, are shooting a music video for a brand new track set for release in October. We’re working with a fun and experienced production team to get the craziest and most entertaining video to come out of London Ontario. I’d say we’re right on target with what we’ve got so far. September 15th was the first day of shooting and we got a lot of footage in the bag, nearly 75% of the shots were captured. We set-up and kicked some kids off a playground, we taped off a parking lot with caution tape and got a crowd of people to gather around our crime scene, and I hit my head and gashed my skull open. It’s coming along quite nicely and I can’t wait for the second day of shooting to begin next week. Until then, check out some behind the scenes photos here on The End Is Nich.



These Colours Won’t Fade Video

Here’s the brand new video for the track ‘These Colours Won’t Fade‘ from my brothers in Anu Beginning. Mad love for these guys and all involved in the making of this video.
Notably, John Ker.