Nich POV – 004 – The Faded Line

This video is a special one for me. I haven’t been doing drum videos for very long, almost a month now, but I have been very happy with myself that all of my previous videos; 001, 002, and 003 have been captured first take. It’s very satisfying when you get to nail a performance on your first try, not to mention it’s a time and energy saver! Unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky this time around. It took me 3 takes to get this performance to an acceptable level and even with those extra takes that 3rd and final shot still has a few mistakes in it (2 mistakes totalling 7 missed impacts). Due to time restraints I wasn’t able to have another go at it and I thought about it and I decided that it’s ‘Okay‘ to show that I’m not the best drummer out there. I’ll beat myself up all day about it but the reality is it was a blast to play, 95% of the video is in time and well executed, and no one is going to scold me about it.
I guess the takeaway is don’t be afraid to show your weaknesses and make a conscious effort to try harder next time and learn from your mistakes. We’re just human, and there’s nothing perfect about that.

This one is Lamb Of God’s track, The Faded Line.




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