I sold my very first song today.

It’s a great feeling to know that one can just doodle in his or her element and eventually help another creative mind find an outlet for their own musical adventures. There are very few feelings I encounter quite like being in my home studio, with my headphones on, sitting in front of my Dad’s old keyboard from my childhood (Ensoniq SQ2 From 1992), and reconciling the ideas in my head from what my hands are capable of creating and how to bring the amalgamation of the two competing ideas to life. The journey, the moment, and the act of creating is such a powerful force to be in control of. I don’t understand how it works exactly, but bringing something new into the world is quite the mindfuck.

I’m excited to get back into the studio and bring even more songs to life with the four releases in works at the moment. Stay tuned for more! Until then… Take a listen to the song I’ve been rambling about. I’m excited to hear what happens with her in the next stages of life with her new owner.




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