Playing God

Local homeboys Playing God have released their debut EP ‘Creation‘ that you can download for absolutely free!
Playing God is an instrumental trio of musical wizards who have put together an amazing first release that doesn’t fail to entertain. That’s what we all want in our music, isn’t it? Every track will shock and amaze you, especially if you possess musical knowledge, and will have you scratching your head wondering, “How on earth are they able to all keep up?!” The answer is simple, they fucking rock.
The drums are expertly crafted with extreme precision, the bass will fill your ear holes with some of the best and fullest sounds you’ve ever heard the instrument make, and the guitar fills everything together with constant smile inducing runs, tapping, and patterns.
There’s a lot going on in the 4 Tracks that Creation is touting and I can’t recommend this enough. Take the time to give this a download and put it on your phone, you’re life will be measurably better with these guys in your ears.

Here’s a music video for the Track ‘Serin’ that can give you a small rase of what’s on offer.

Check out all the songs in the player below and give it a download!




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