Hello Snow

It’s a beautiful winter day here in London Ontario. A lot of people make a conscious choice to focus on what sucks in their environment instead of taking a few extra seconds to take it all in objectively. There’s a lot to hate about winter; no more brilliantly coloured plant life, wearing long sleeves all day, no more beach days, cars not starting, shovelling snow, freezing to death… But if we take a second to step back and appreciate what we do get that’s unique to our environment, there’s lots to enjoy.

This song was inspired by some of those things. Hot chocolate, freshly strung christmas lights, Yuna the cat comfortably asleep, and the crinkle sound of car tires packing down the new fallen snow.

Taking it all in I sat in front of my keyboard, looking out the window, and started moving my fingers. It made a short something, a short doodle. Download it. Play it. Hopefully it can help put you in the right head space to notice some of the great things as we make our way into the winter months.




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