Cute And Fun And Fun And Cute

What’s up everyone?!

What a great day we’re having today, eh?! I hope I can raise your spirits even further on this wonderful day by adding a little bit of cuteness and fun. About a week ago I got to meet some amazing and talented new people thanks to a very close friend of mine. Being around creative people inspires me to see the world through their eyes. One of the great people I got to meet is an artist and you can check out her work HERE. She draws anime very very VERY well and has such a sweet heart. I highly recommend checking her work out.

After seeing her amazing artwork I had to ask her to collaborate with me. Once I got home I sat down for almost 12 hours straight in my studio and made a song that could best represent the spirit of what I was looking at in her drawings. I’ve never created anything like this before in my life and I’m very proud of how it turned out after spending over a week tweaking sounds and organizing the song to what it is now.

I hope this anime inspired tune gets you pumped and puts a huge smile on your face. If you want to listen to the song whenever you want I would love it if you downloaded it HERE.

So here it is, Cute And Fun And Fun And Cute.

Download Link:



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