This webpage is about sharing my creations and life associations with awesome people like you. Be sure to have fun while you’re here. Check everything out and do your best not to be bored! Life’s too short to be bored. Listen to music. Create something. Express yourself. Spread the love!




1 thought on “About

  1. hey
    it’s the dude in the venom shirt. very nice site, i like this.
    bands for you to check out: band – album

    Despise You- ..and on and on
    Spazz – Crush Kill Destroy
    eyehategod – Take as Needed for Pain
    Superjoint Ritual – a Lethal Dose of American Hatred/Use Once and Destroy
    Flipper – LOVE/American Grafishy
    Saint Vitus – The V
    Soilent Green – Sewn Mouth Secrets/a Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down

    now, most of these bands you’ll find are from the New Orleans metal scene, a scene very dear to my heart as I fucking LOVE that city, have spent a LOT of time there, and hope to die there one day!
    that said, I hope you check out/enjoy these bands and albums, they definitely aren’t for everyone, but then you seem like the type that isn’t for everyone either..
    stay in touch

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