Fell, Vol. #1 – Feral City

Introduction: Detective Richard Fell is a new detective from ‘across the bridge’, he has been transfered to the collapsing and crime ridden city of ‘Snowtown‘. With three and a half detectives (Yes, One has no legs) running all of Snowtown, he is there to help the Moon St. Precinct with there overwhelming crime workload. Fell … Continue reading Fell, Vol. #1 – Feral City

Haunt #1

Image Comics; Haunt #1 : McFarlane, Kirkman, Ottley, Capullo Introduction: Haunt is the new baby of Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and writer of the astounding The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman. Together with the talents of both Ottley, doing pencil work, and Capullo, in charge of layouts, they are looking to introducing a new Image Comics staple … Continue reading Haunt #1