Radiohead – The King Of Limbs

Radiohead - The King Of Limbs


Radiohead and I have had a very interesting relationship together over the past four years. There’s been some bumps along the way, but I’m glad to say that we’ve both sat down and talked it over and we’re both on the same page with the newest album The King Of Limbs. Let me say first of all that I am not a huge ‘Radiohead’ – what I’ve now coined Radiohead fans… Clever, I know… – but I am a fan of a type of sound they do particularly well, ambient rock. If you’re into trippy and moving music, The King Of Limbs is definitely an album to look into.

Good: There’s a lot to like about The King Of Limbs, especially the high quality production put into the sound and atmosphere meticulously placed throughout the entire album. From record scratching and dust to delayed bleep-n’-bloops there’s always something to be paying attention to. I often find myself just focusing in on one particular sound trying to isolate it inside my head and attempting to interpreting it’s real world form. It’s very rare you find music that’s fun to sit and listen to. I could go on forever about what Radiohead did right in this album – the singing melodies, lyrical content, catchy drum beats, solid bass, and superb dual guitar riffs – but the best favour I can do for you is to tell you the songs that stood out to me as the cream of the crop and you can decide for yourself wether you agree with my particular taste in Radiohead or not. Notables include Morning Mr. Magpie, Little By Little, and Lotus Flower.

Bad: The hard line most band’s ride when making a more relaxing sounding album is to have it up-beat enough that the music is interesting but to not let it get too slow and droning so that it becomes a burden to the listener’s attention span. This is the only problem in any shape or form I had with the album, some song’s movements just carried on a little too long for my liking. That being said, if you had a pistol to my temple and were threatening to blow my brains out  while also having a  sawed-off shotgun pointed at my girlfriend holding both of our cats and told me I absolutely had to pick two songs that  had to be taken off of my iTunes forever, they would have to be Feral and Separator. These song aren’t terrible, but I love my girlfriend and cats dearly. I’m sure you would make the same decision in my situation.

Radiohead has had a rough time trying to win over my love, but ultimately I think this album has the perfect feel and sound from what I’ve been wanting to hear from them all this time. There’s enough spacey and ambient sounds to keep the songs truly interesting from start to finish, the guitars are clean and crisp, the drums always have a fresh new sound in each song, the vocals melodies don’t usually overstay their welcome and just everything in general is top notch. Did we expect anything less? At the end of the day I can really start to call myself a fan of this album. You’ve done it boys, I am now a ‘Radiohead’.

Radiohead’s The King Of Limbs gets 4 surprise CD announcements out of 5.

-Nich Longe

February 24th, 2011


Despised Icon – Day Of Mourning

Day Of MourningIntroduction: Despised Icon is a Death Metal band reigning from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. With an emphasis on blistering fast drums and quick guitar riffs, mixed with traditional style break downs. Despised Icon brings a unique and great combination of death metal styles and progression to the table with this ten track beauty, ‘Day Of Mourning‘.


Good: The production on this album right off that bat puts this on the top of any Death Metal lovers favourites. The drums are cleverly mixed in the drummers perspective. Bells, splashes, crashes, snares, and toms in the appropriate ears and mixed well in surround sound. Guitars are panned just right showing each players personal style and signature riff. Both vocalists make this a very heavy and lyrical filled listen. Low growls, high screams, and gang vocals… What else could you ask for? The bass for the most part is in the background, but has a very cool solo moment in the track ‘MVP‘. The overall sound is some of the heaviest riff I’ve heard, but the way it’s played and recorded it doesn’t sound over the top or inaudibly low. Very strong CD all-round.


Bad: The last track on the CD titled ‘Sleepless‘ is left to be desired. It sounds like they were just trying to add a ‘softer‘ song just for the sake of having it. It’s not totally terrible, but it’s for sure not their style. Believe it or not that’s all the ‘bad‘ I could find to write about.


Conclusion: This is a very fast and brutal CD. I would recommend that anyone who remotely enjoys heavy music to pick ‘Day Of Mourning‘ up at their next visit to the CD shop. It’s a very technical and enjoyable listen and will surely be one of the best of this holiday seasons’ releases.



Nich Longe

November 8th, 2009.

DevilDriver – Prey For Villains

DevilDriver - Prey For Villains

DevilDriver - Prey For Villains

Introduction: As DevilDriver’s fourth full length studio album they are looking to once again pen their way into the books of heavy metal. With thirteen tracks showing up on this release, DevilDriver is trying hard to top their previous release ‘The Last Kind Words‘ which shook the metal community with one of the strongest releases of 2007. Sit back and enjoy DevilDriver’s new release ‘Prey For Villains‘.

Good: I’ve always described DevilDriver to people as mediocre metal with the most amazing drums you’ve ever heard over top. That formula has, for the most part, held true in this edition to the DevilDriver roster. The drums are definitely the focal point in this album. Really tight kick sound, amazing cymbal work, pronounced toms, and a deep loud snare. The vocals haven’t really strayed in any new direction. Why fix what isn’t broken, eh. The guitars are taking a more old school progression this time. Lots of southern riffs, scratches, slides, and the signature clean delayed melodies have come back. These are by far my favourite moments in the guitars of DevilDriver. You’ll know what I mean when you hear it.

Some notable songs to consider checking out on this album are ‘Prey For Villains‘, ‘I’ve Been Sober‘, ‘Waiting For November‘, and ‘Another Night In London‘. If you don’t at least check out at least one of these songs you have missed some of the greatest heavy metal this year.

Bad: I have always felt that DevilDriver could rule the world if they wrote a little more intense and elaborate songs. The drums and vocals really set this band apart from everything else and make it truly amazing. The guitars on the other hand, while always impressive, always leave some riffs to be desired. Vocally some songs on ‘Prey For Villains‘, it feels like he’s trying way too hard to be different. Good on him for attempting to keep it fresh, but it at times sounds really weird. Which, weirdly enough, both of my gripes are on the same songs. ‘It’s In The Cards‘ and ‘Back With Vengeance‘ both suffer from both of these. The only song on the CD I don’t like is I See Belief‘. The chorus of the song is tolerable, but everything else I just can’t stand. Weird time signatures, time changes, and bad transitions make this song my ‘avoid this song‘ choice for this CD. It only makes sense this is the last song on the CD.

Conclusion: DevilDriver keeps the heavy metal fans of 2009 happy one more year with a solid release. It does have some things keeping it back from being a total ‘Must Buy‘, but I highly recommend anyone who has never heard of this band to check out all of their CD’s. Constant solid performances by the drummer and vocalist like you’ve never heard. I will most definitely be reviewing a previous release of theirs in the future. If you’re already a fan I highly recommend you pick this one up. If you’re just a passer by, I think you should research the great songs before you make the final purchase.

DevilDriver’s ‘Prey For Villains’ gets 3.5 creepy horned owls out of 5.

*I have the limited edition CD with four bonus tracks, but only reviewing based on the ‘original’ CD track list*

-Nich Longe

September 7th, 2009