Updated Portfolio!

Hey everyone!

Hoping your journey through space and time has been treating you with opportunity and happiness!

I have great news to give, you can now get your digital copy of my Portfolio online for FREE!!! All you have to do is click the download link below and every song I’ve ever been a part of will be on your computer. So magical!

WARNING!!! LOTS OF THINGS!!! 580Mb File Size!!!

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/w026bd4s3kj7tlu/TEIN_Portfolio_15-01-2015.zip

I must warn you, you might not like some of it. Feel free to delete what you dislike and keep what you enjoy. There are a wide range of musical genres covered and I hope at least one of those short audio stories can captivate you.

With Love



New Page – Chronological

I added a brand new page onto TheEndIsNich.com download’s section called, Chronological. It’s a complete list of songs I’ve made or been involved with laid out in chronological order. From my newest release to my first song ever; everything’s available to you for free.

I’d like to thank those of you who donated; Family, friends, and strangers. Without your donations none of this would be possible. I promise to take you up on some of your suggestions and make some merch for you to support but until then the best way to support my efforts are through the donation button on the right hand of the webpage.

If you ever missed a release of a brand new song or you want to check the library of older material, you can now view, stream, and download the songs you want through the Chronological Page.

Thank you for visiting and remember to spread the Love,


The Dudecast Episode #1

While I was finishing up giving lessons at The Lair this afternoon, I ran into Aaron Barry (of Anu Beginning) and my new kind-of friend, Carl. They informed me that they were going to record the first episode of their podcast and asked me if I would be interested in joining their little spank session. As an avid podcast listener I couldn’t refuse. There are some very personal stories and sensitive information released in this episode, so know going in that you’re going to be getting information that no one else has yet heard.

Here’s what happened. Listen, laugh, love, and enjoy.

You can check out their official Podcast location HERE!!!


Updated Portfolio!

You can now download my entire portfolio for absolutely FREE!
Nearly every song I’ve written, played guitar, bass, or drums on.

Check it out here! (https://theendisnich.com/about/nichs-portfolio/)

Download and Enjoy!


New The Lakeside Is For Killers Song!

Remember those new The Lakeside Is For Killers songs I promised? Well here’s one of them. I may no longer be in the band but it’s still me playing the drums and making music with my favourite people in the world. This song, ‘Papa Bull, Son Bull‘ was a song we wrote back in 2010. There’s been a few revisions, but the song has largely remained the same. It’s a cool transitional song to help bridge TLIFK old style and a bit of new writing style.

So here you are. Enjoy! Let me know what you think!


The Lakeside Is For Lovers… A Farewell

Salutations, my friends!

Nich reporting in! I’m here to give you some news that may accidentally feel like a heaping steamer on your awesome day… I’m no longer playing drums for The Lakeside Is For Killers.

There’s probably a few questions going through your head right now that include the words Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. I’m not really going to answer any of these <trollface.jpeg>, but I’ll try to give you as much information as possible.

I’ve been playing with The Lakeside Is For Killers since the very beginning in 2008. From day 1 the best way to describe our music in one word would be “Different”, I think as fans you can all agree. It’s always taken me a lot of practice and hard work to be able to play even the most basic Lakeside tune. All of you who’ve been able to see us play live have witnessed this hard work in person. I’ve always given my all in making these songs the best I could. I hope you all enjoyed hearing them (and hope you continue to do so) and watching me play them for you.

“But WHY aren’t you playing with Lakeside anymore?” you ask, interrupting my train of thought. If I had to describe the decision as if it were a recipe, it would look as follows:

2 cups – Writing differences/difficulties

1 cup – Other musical projects

1/2 cup – Availability

2 tbsp – Financial

and a pinch of salt.

I love Bobby, Brett, Lee, and Matty very VERY much and nothing could ever change that. We will continue to be friends, drink beers, and smoke bowls until the end of days. Not being in Lakeside is going to be a huge adjustment for me but for the band to move forward they must continue on without me beating the tins and skins. Their next step with their next drummer is going to be even better than you could imagine. I promise! I hope you all understand. I can tell you, however, that you still have two more songs to look forward to gracing your ear holes. One of them is ready right now for your listening pleasure. Check it out HERE! So be stoked on these dudes. They’re doing genuinely amazing things and I hope you’re all planning on staying around for the next step. I know I am!

The most genuine thank you I’ve ever given in my life,


Still Alive

After over two years of being on hiatus The Lakeside Is For Killers is back writing new songs, playing new shows, and spreading the dirty love. Our debut show on February 9th with Dancing With Paris, Lifestory: Monologue, Bare Bones, and A Sight For Sewn Eyes went outstandingly well. Every band that played that night had me taking a bite of a big ol’ breeze burger (My mouth was open in amazement the entire time). If you haven’t heard of any of those bands, I highly recommend you check them all out. All amazing people writing amazing music. Our set that night went over very smooth, we played all the new songs tightly, people were singing along to the old songs, and we even had a handful of people come up on stage for our last song of night and sing along beside us. I couldn’t be more proud of my brothers for putting on a great show, especially Lee who hasn’t been on stage in five years. Welcome back, my friend. I’m happy to be doing it along side you.

If you live in London Ontario and didn’t get a chance to check out the show, don’t kick yourself in the ass just yet. We have a brand new show coming up on March 3rd at The Music Hall Lounge with Sights And Sounds, Lifestory: Monologue, and Gracefield. You can check out all the details on Facebook HERE! The last show was an amazing time, but this show is going to be even bigger! Don’t miss out!