On this page you’ll find a link to a FREE download of my personal portfolio. That’s right. Every song I’ve ever made in my life for free with one click. This file (.zip) contains a catalogue of every fully completed recording that I’ve been a performer or contributor on. My portfolio was last updated July 2nd, 2016.

Entire Portfolio (880Mb):

(Includes TEIN Originals Imaginarium, Vile Mile OST, MMXIV, and MMXIII by yours truly as well as entire CD releases from musical acts such as Acid Reign, Fire With Fire, Goodbye Sky Harbour, Hello Amora, The Lakeside Is For Killers, and more!!!)

You will also find download links to these highlighted releases.

Nich Longe – Imaginarium EP (56Mb):

Nich Longe – MMXIV (72Mb):

Nich Longe – Vile Mile Official Soundtrack (22Mb):

Nich Longe – MMXIII  (24Mb)

Goodbye Sky Harbour – Tired Hearts EP (38Mb)

The Lakeside Is For Killers – Dead, In The West (72Mb)

Enjoy! Spread the love.


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