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MMXIV – Nich Longe

Hello fellow internet travellers!

Welcome to my website and thank you so fucking much for checking out the things that I do. It means the world to me that another human being would spend their time and energy looking into the things I put out into the world. So thank you.

I’d like to introduce you to my newest creation, MMXIV, the updated and remixed versions of the songs I created in 2014! This is by far my favourite release I’ve ever produced and I hope that your ears and brain agree! This CD is 12 tracks of various types of music ranging in styles from upbeat electronic tunes, epic orchestral pieces, uplifting cinematic romps, solo piano performance, and even a light atmospheric interlude. There’s bound to be something within this CD that can resonate on your preferred frequency.

This CD was made possible thanks to the nearly unlimited support provided by my family and friends, words of encouragement by every human being I encounter, the artists around me who make the world a more beautiful and relatable place, and the amazing amounts of inspiration we find around us at all times.

Download it, for free or otherwise, and please enjoy it as much as you can!

Spread the Love!!!

*Artwork by the wonderful, beautiful, and ultra-talented Oceantann! Check out her wears and goods at*

– Nich

Here’s your FREE download of MMXIV!!!

Click image for FREE download!
Click image for FREE download!

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