Greetings Internet Traveller,

Welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to consider downloading my CD. On this page you will find a link to download my CD ‘MMXIII‘ on for absolutely FREE. Click the cover art or link, download the (23.5MB) .zip file, unzip and export the folder onto your PC, add the music to your music library, and then listen as needed. You may also visit the Bandcamp page and download it for FREE as well.

This CD is a collection of works I created throughout the 2013 year. Some songs are long and some are short. Some songs are complex and some are simple. It’s a compilation of my very first attempt at making music on my own. From my brain to yours. I got my first recording interface, DAW (Logic Pro), and started learning how to play piano all in 2013. It’s such a weird feeling to finally have something to show you. Thank you for your attention.

I hope my songs entertain you, engage your imagination, and positively impact your life.



Click cover art to download!
Click cover art to download!


If you enjoy the contents of MMXIII feel free to come back at your own leisure and donate via the PayPal button on the right hand of the webpage. I make all of my content available for free but if you have a spare few dollars you’d love to chuck my way, I won’t stop you. Your contribution of green energy will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Track List:
1. Welcome
2. Notice Your Heartbeat
3. Hello Snow
4. Pirate Song
5. Salute The Sun (Bonus Track)



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