Welcome to the ‘Drumless‘ series exclusively on The End Is Nich. The Drumless series is about giving you a way to play your drums while allowing you to have creative freedom to form new ideas, test old ones, and help you grow to be a better drummer. No more searching for band mates to jam with, no more headaches trying to write new material, and no more having to play other drummer’s parts. The song is already made and all it needs is YOU!

Herein you’ll find a roster of songs that you can download for FREE from varying genres of music that include everything sonically from guitar, bass, piano, strings, synth, and anything else except for the drums. Now you can play along to music YOUR WAY! There are two versions of each song; one with an embedded click track so you can jam along and keep time, and the other with the bare audio file should you wish to add your own preferred click track or you wish to record your drums over top of the original song and share with others. Either way, I’ve got you covered!

The concept is simple; songs without drums so you can play the way you want to and give you the freedom be as creative as you’d like. Don’t hesitate! Check out what songs I have posted at the moment, download the version you want for free, practice and write your parts, and record your performance and share it with everyone! It’s up to you! If you make a YouTube video or record your performance be sure to send a link to TheEndIsNich@Gmail.com so I can post it for others to watch on the site!

Thank you for checking out ‘Drumless‘ and I hope you have fun with it!




1. Fucking LTC – https://theendisnich.com/drumless/fucking-ltc/

2. Time Will Tell – https://theendisnich.com/drumless/time-will-tell/

3. Stay Strong –  https://theendisnich.com/drumless/stay-strong/

4. Coming soon…


Please consider donating via the PayPal button on the right hand side of the website and help support the creation of more Drumless songs!


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