Here’s a list of websites that can help aid in self education, skills building, awareness, and generally keep you educated on what matters most. Well beyond learning to play music, the most important lessons you can master are the ones that will make you the best version of yourself. Making the conscious choice to be the most optimum human being possible is the start of the rest of your life. These sites will, in one way or another, prepare you for the real world. Whether it’s learning about science, history, drug safety, the environment, law, or even learning how the ocean tides work… These resources will give you the tools necessary to kick the maximum amount of ass on a consistent basis.

Please consider exploring, bookmarking, and sharing these sites.

1. The Reality Of Me –
The Reality Of Me is a website that features a 13-hour documentary with the express purpose of presenting an un-bias view of the human condition. It’s broken up into bite sized chapters so you can easily digest the information over multiple visits. Learn about Love, Death, Religion, Money, and many more subjects to help you understand the world in which you live.

2. Reddit – 
Reddit is an online community where you can share, explore, learn, and discuss about your favourite subjects and hobbies with like-minded folk. Do you like Anime? Check out Do you like video games? Check out It’s an amazing resource not only for education but for entertainment as well.

3. YouTube –
YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world. You can find almost anything, as long as it doesn’t violate YouTube terms and conditions. Tutorials on playing music, University lectures, cute cats, sports highlights, informative science videos, video blogs, independent news, documentaries, and so much more. Literally… Anything. Learn by watching.

4. Khan Academy –
Khan Academy is a website with video tutorials for students, teachers, and self-educators alike to learn for absolutely free. Interested in Biology, Math, History, Finance, or any other subject? I highly recommend checking out their site, signing up, and furthering your education today.

5. TED Talks –
TED is a website where unique ideas from the worlds brightest minds are presented in large keynote style presentation. Everyday dozens of brand new videos are uploaded covering all topics of human experience. Ranging from environmental sciences, breaking technologies, personal stories, poetry, musical performances, inspirational coaching, and everything in between. TED Talks are a resource you’d best not overlook.

6. Duolingo –
Duolingo is a language education website that covers over 15 different languages (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc) from all over the globe. What makes Duolingo so unique is it’s approach to the learning experience. They take a page out of video game’s play book and provide your language learning experience with a robust levelling and point system to make learning a new language fun and addictive. Invite friends and challenge them to beat your score too! Give it a shot!

7. Story Of Stuff –
Our lives are filled with stuff. Our electronics, our clothes, our cosmetics, and our garbage are but just some of the stuff that fills our existence in our daily lives. But where does it come from? Where does it go when we throw it out? Who decides what gets made and who decides who has to makes it? The Story Of Stuff  explores all of these questions and supplies you with solutions on how YOU can make a difference. Understanding what stuff is and what you can do to help in a real way is the first step to creating a healthy, strong, and aware existence. 

8. Kiva –
Kiva is micro-lending website where you can lend money to anyone around the globe to help them accomplish their goals. From building soccer fields, schools, hospitals, farms, starting up a business, and repairing their home; Kiva allows you to lend as much money as you want to help any cause you choose. Starting at $25, you can give someone the tools to change their lives forever. Look into it and make your mark!

9. Erowid –
Erowid is one of the most important websites on the internet. It’s the internets #1 largest drug resource destination where you can learn about any drug, natural or pharmaceutical. Learn from other people’s experiences with phycdelic substances with ‘trip reports’, learn about proper dosages and their corresponding effects, learn about drug history, your local drug laws, and much more. If you have questions about any substance, Erowid has your answers. Trip and medicate responsibly.

10. Wikipedia –
Wikipedia is the worlds largest collection of knowledge on the internet. Millions of peer reviewed articles in nearly every language make Wikipedia one of the most trusted websites on the planet. User generated, user moderated, and with sources in plain sight; Wikipedia is a perfect example of what makes the internet the most beautiful tool humans have ever created. Spend some time to read a few articles on topics, places, people, events, or aspects of culture you’re captivated by. Learn something today.

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