Deer Hunter

Hey everyone!

I can finally show you the finished product of a new song and a new project! Here’s the debut track from my band, Alamo. This song is called ‘Deer Hunter‘. Give it a listen, download, or buy it on Bandcamp! We’ll be releasing a full CD this summer! Stay tuned and visit again for more sweetness!!!

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Digital Wonderland

Hey again!

I have a new song for you! This new single is called, Digital Wonderland. This song is about the future. This song is about machines. This song is about how both humans and machines can join forces and potential to both explore the universe and to one day find our purpose within it. This song is as hopeful and as positive as I am about the future and I believe Digital Wonderland captures that.

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From the very beginning you’re greeted by a lush digital signal that soars from ear to ear. When the song comes into itself is when the drums enter the sonic frequency and round out the softness of the overall picture. Once you get comfortable that’s when I rip open your brain, head, and ears with a psychedelic playground of shapes, colours, and frequencies of sounds! Don’t worry, it all comes back around when it opens up even further with a few subtle added layers with the end act. The outro is classic faded goodness.

I hope you enjoyed listening to the song as much as I did making the thing! It’s always fun to get to make something new! Are you a creator or know someone who is? Feel free to use my music. You can use Digital Wonderland or any other of my songs on Downloads Page for your creative needs! No fees or licensing nonsense. Just download, use, and create content!

You can support my life’s efforts of making the world a better place a multitude of ways. You can support me by purchasing physical or digital content through me directly (Contact Me), by buying or streaming my music on your favourite music service, by donating here on the website, or by supporting me on Patreon.

Keep being awesome,

Fibonacci – With Chris Webb

Greetings Internet Traveller,

Check out this brand new song, Fibonacci! It’s a Pop Punk style tune with fun instrumentation and emotional tension. This song is a creation from when my best friend, Chris, and I locked ourselves in his studio for 3 days straight. It was an experiment of creative spirit and collaboration. Chris is such a brilliant composer, musician, and engineer! It was a pleasure to get to be along side him for so long, to get to learn so much from him, and to get to create this special auditory experience for you.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it!!!

Check out more of Chris’ work here:

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Thank you.