Self Sabotage

Hello Hello!!!

I hope you didn’t just arrive in a happy and energetic mood, not because I don’t want you to be feeling that way, but I have a new song for you and it may just knock you down into sadness territory. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Now that you know what to expect I’d like to introduce you to the new song, ‘Self Sabotage‘. It’s a song I wrote on piano when trying to conjure demons inside my head. Finding what unique sounds are hidden the dark parts of you is an interesting method of writing that I quite enjoy. I hope this song finds it’s way into the dark part of your heart… in the good way.

If you enjoy it, try downloading it using the link provided below!

If that song is way too sad for you then try THIS as a pallet cleanser!

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‘Cute And Fun And Fun And Cute’ Reaches 250 Downloads!!!

Bonjour everyone!

One of my favourite songs has reached the 250 downloads milestone! Thank you for taking the time to download it and allowing the song to be inside your consciousness. It’s an honour. I’m grateful a piece of music I’ve worked so hard to bring to life has touched so many.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out ‘Cute And Fun And Fun And Cute‘ you can stream it on Soundcloud to see if you like it or not and if you’d like to download it you can click HERE or click on the link provided below. Once downloaded, you can add it to your computer’s playlist or your mobile device and you can listen to it no matter where in the world you are!







Hello everyone!

This announcement is a big one for me and I’m overjoyed to be able to share it with you all! I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally been able to record my very first human being in my studio acoustically! Microphones, stands, chords, acoustic vibrations, measuring tapes, levels, and awesomeness!

My beautiful friend/guinea pig Charlie was kind enough to lend his talents and work with me on this one. We recorded an original song he wrote titled, ‘Annie‘. It’s an acoustic track about playing guitar around a campfire with your friends and forgetting the lyrics to your favourite songs! It’s a catchy one so make sure to Download it!

You may better know Charlie as Major/Minor in which I played percussion on his last release entitled, ‘Self-Titled‘. He’s frequently playing shows in the South-Western Ontario region so head over to his Facebook Page and check to see if he’s playing in your area!

Thank you so much for visiting the website, don’t forget to download some stuff while you’re here, and please do everything in your power to make today awesome!

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Can We Play Games – PotW #2

Salutations internet traveler!

The always amazing and talented guys over at Can We Play Games have started a brand new video series on their YouTube channel. The new series entitled ‘Plays Of The Week’ highlights the crazy kill combos playing the new Halo: Master Chief Collection. Check it out below!

Not only is it an uber entertaining watch by it’s own right but if you listen carefully you might notice some familiar sounds, that’s because they’ve been so kind as to use one of my tunes, Chim Chim. If you like what you hear and would like your own copy to listen to on the go; download it for FREE!!!

Chim Chim Download Link:

Plays Of The Week #2 Link:

You can also follow Can We Play Games on Twitch and watch them play video games almost every day at!

Thanks for checking out the site and have fun on the rest of your internet travels, which is inevitably going to end up with you on a pornographic website.



Lovely Day For A Guinness, Indeed!

Bonjour mon ami!

The weather here in London Ontario has been absolutely fantastic lately. For the usual individual that would mean lots of time spent outside in the sun or going on road trips to the beach, but for the likes of the Longe family that means extra hours spent indoors hiding from the sun in air conditioned studios writing high energy metal riffs.

This new song I’m sharing with you was written and recorded by my brother, Troy Longe, and I couldn’t be more proud. What I love most about the music my brother writes is his ability to balance technicality and fun. I find that the majority of advanced guitar players are drawn into complexity with odd time signatures and intricate patterns that, more often then not, take away from the fun of just being able to head bang and throw up some horns \m/.

With driving drums, fast riffing, a delicious solo, a breakdown that will undoubtedly make you move your body in some way… I present to you “Lovely Day For A Guinness”.


Dante’s Inferno

Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno

Introduction: First thing’s first – YES, this game looks and controls like God Of War – and now that that’s out of the way we can judge this game on it’s own merits. The games story tells it’s own interpretation of Dante Allegory’s 1321 CE epic poem; The Divine Comedy.  Dante’s Inferno tells the story of crusader Dante and his journey battling through the circles of hell as he’s trying to free his wife Beatrice from the grasps of the evil Lucifer. There’s more to it but I would like to save as much as possible for your actual playing experience.

Good: The story is by far the strongest aspect of this game. From the very beginning to end the strong narrative keeps you pushing on from ‘oh-shit’ moment to ‘oh-shit’ moment. Second to the story the ‘oh-shit’ moments are definitely in abundance in Dante’s Inferno. From the first quick-time event when you battle with Death himself, to controlling huge monstrous creatures, even punishing lost souls will give you goose bumps from how brutal and unforgiving your actions can sometimes be. The combat is smooth and easy to master with your Scythe and with the added projectile the ‘Holy Cross’ gives it a depth that I loved and have never played in a game before. There are honestly too many good points in this game for me to write them all down for you and keep my usual structure.

Bad: The most obvious part of Dante’s Inferno that struck me as bad was the way they handle difficulty levels. The first level is normal, which is the way it’s supposed to be played, but most people will put it on the middle setting which is actually the hard setting. This is most likely why people didn’t end up enjoying it as much as they could have. They make it harder in the higher difficulties by giving the enemies obnoxious amounts of health. To the point I cannot express in words. Play it on the lowest (normal) difficulty if you want the best experience and avoid the headache it seems most people have had. In the game I played the last hour or so I had rendering issues and had my textures of smoke and rain be a solid layer of dots. It’s hard to describe but it was as if the last part of the game had a layer of dotted graph paper over it constantly. It was a pain in the ass, but as far as I could tell I have been the only one who has experienced this. It wasn’t present in the end game, luckily, which saved it some. Near the end of the game you are required to go through a sort of series of fights that test your skills before you can continue. During one challenge it had asked me stay airborne for eight seconds, which I could not do. I had to exploit the game and stay on top of an enemy and execute him for eight seconds to pass this test. Hopefully this helps you get past this test easier and prevents an unnecessary rage quit.

Conclusion: Dante’s Inferno is some of the most fun I’ve had in a single player experience in a long time. Besides the technical problems I encountered and the challenge stage I could not complete without exploiting the game I have had a lot of fun. Running me at about six hours each play through not including challenges, DLC, and other bonus content I personally would pay full price for my experience, but at the VERY least you NEED to rent this game. If you like violence, imagery of Hell, and everything being epic in nature, I could not recommend this game more.

Dante’s Inferno gets 4 vagina shaped doors out of 5.

-Nich Longe

June 29th, 2010