Digital Wonderland

Hey again!

I have a new song for you! This new single is called, Digital Wonderland. This song is about the future. This song is about machines. This song is about how both humans and machines can join forces and potential to both explore the universe and to one day find our purpose within it. This song is as hopeful and as positive as I am about the future and I believe Digital Wonderland captures that.

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From the very beginning you’re greeted by a lush digital signal that soars from ear to ear. When the song comes into itself is when the drums enter the sonic frequency and round out the softness of the overall picture. Once you get comfortable that’s when I rip open your brain, head, and ears with a psychedelic playground of shapes, colours, and frequencies of sounds! Don’t worry, it all comes back around when it opens up even further with a few subtle added layers with the end act. The outro is classic faded goodness.

I hope you enjoyed listening to the song as much as I did making the thing! It’s always fun to get to make something new! Are you a creator or know someone who is? Feel free to use my music. You can use Digital Wonderland or any other of my songs on Downloads Page for your creative needs! No fees or licensing nonsense. Just download, use, and create content!

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Welcome back!

I have something special for you! It’s a brand new song AND and brand new video all in one! The song is called ‘Embrace‘ and it was inspired by video footage my lover, Becca, took of some nature in Vancouver, British Columbia. Check it out HERE or watch it embedded below. You can also find a link to download the song for completely FREE, so get your download today by clicking the link below!

Embrace Video:

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Thank you for stopping by and letting me into your life!


Self Sabotage

Hello Hello!!!

I hope you didn’t just arrive in a happy and energetic mood, not because I don’t want you to be feeling that way, but I have a new song for you and it may just knock you down into sadness territory. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Now that you know what to expect I’d like to introduce you to the new song, ‘Self Sabotage‘. It’s a song I wrote on piano when trying to conjure demons inside my head. Finding what unique sounds are hidden the dark parts of you is an interesting method of writing that I quite enjoy. I hope this song finds it’s way into the dark part of your heart… in the good way.

If you enjoy it, try downloading it using the link provided below!

If that song is way too sad for you then try THIS as a pallet cleanser!

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