The Dudecast Episode #1

While I was finishing up giving lessons at The Lair this afternoon, I ran into Aaron Barry (of Anu Beginning) and my new kind-of friend, Carl. They informed me that they were going to record the first episode of their podcast and asked me if I would be interested in joining their little spank session. … Continue reading The Dudecast Episode #1

Updated Portfolio!

You can now download my entire portfolio for absolutely FREE! Nearly every song I’ve written, played guitar, bass, or drums on. Check it out here! ( Download and Enjoy! -Nich

Right For Me

The boys in Brighter Brightest just released their video for the song ‘Right For Me‘ from their full-length that shares the same name. Both the song and the video bleed passion and honesty about who they all are and what they all do. I highly recommend you check it out right now and be inspired to do … Continue reading Right For Me

New The Lakeside Is For Killers Song!

Remember those new The Lakeside Is For Killers songs I promised? Well here’s one of them. I may no longer be in the band but it’s still me playing the drums and making music with my favourite people in the world. This song, ‘Papa Bull, Son Bull‘ was a song we wrote back in 2010. … Continue reading New The Lakeside Is For Killers Song!

The Lakeside Is For Lovers… A Farewell

Salutations, my friends! Nich reporting in! I’m here to give you some news that may accidentally feel like a heaping steamer on your awesome day… I’m no longer playing drums for The Lakeside Is For Killers. There’s probably a few questions going through your head right now that include the words Who, What, When, Where, … Continue reading The Lakeside Is For Lovers… A Farewell

Still Alive

After over two years of being on hiatus The Lakeside Is For Killers is back writing new songs, playing new shows, and spreading the dirty love. Our debut show on February 9th with Dancing With Paris, Lifestory: Monologue, Bare Bones, and A Sight For Sewn Eyes went outstandingly well. Every band that played that night … Continue reading Still Alive

The Lakeside Is For Killers – Dead, In The West

In an uncontrollable fit the boys and I, in The Lakeside Is For Killers, are posting our debut CD ‘Dead, In The West’ for FREE download. Click the link here ( to download your copy. If it pleases your ears, let us know how you feel about it by visiting our Facebook Page and please share … Continue reading The Lakeside Is For Killers – Dead, In The West