Improv POV – 003

Ahoy, A brand new Improv POV is ready! Check it out!   Cheers, Nich

Bucktooth Teaser

Hey guys! We’re done recording vocals for the new Fire With Fire track, ‘Bucktooth’. Unlike the last track, ‘Tyrannosaurus Wreck‘, we’re mixing this tune ourselves so it’s going to be a little bit before we’re comfortable sharing it you guys. In the meantime we’d like to give you SOMETHING to chew on, so here’s a … Continue reading Bucktooth Teaser

The Lakeside Is For Killers is now on YouTube

After being asked by countless scores of my friends how they can listen to The Lakeside Is For Killer’s CD ‘Dead, In The West’ without having to visit Myspace, I finally got down to business and learned how to video/audio edit and created the perfect solution. I made high quality 1080p video and 320kbps audio … Continue reading The Lakeside Is For Killers is now on YouTube