Welcome to the Videos section of!!! Here’s where you’ll find all of the video content that I produce. To help you navigate the slew of content that comes out I’ve broken it down into three different categories for you to explore below;

POV Covers – In this series we sit behind a drum set and cover our favourite and familiar songs from the first person perspective. My favourite aspect of this series is being able to not only hear but now you get to visualize what’s happening behind the kit during some of our favourite songs. This fun, enlightening, and often very difficult to learn project is powered by suggestions from humans like you. Don’t be afraid to visit out Contact page if there’s a song you’d like me to undertake for you!

POV Covers Link


POV Improv – The Improv series is the most genuine and revealing content that I produce. There’s almost zero edits, always done in a single take, and contains the original and unedited audio. Whether or not your a drummer in real life, there’s always something interesting and new to see/hear every week in these short and sweet videos!

POV Improv Link


Music Videos – When I’m not working on my own creations I love to surround myself with amazing people and collaborate on music together. This often leads to making fun music and naturally to making videos for that music. Check it out by clicking the link below!

Music Videos Link


Enjoy the moving pictures and don’t forget to let me know how you like them!

With Love,



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